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Life on earth is not restricted to us humans only as there are millions of life forms on planet earth. We have the world of plants and we also have the world of animals that comprises not just the pet animals like cats and dogs but also the more ferocious ones like tigers and lions found in jungles. It is not just kids but people of all ages that love to know and see more about these animals that are found in different parts of the world. There are many categories of animals and even the birds, reptiles and insects come under the broad category of animals. You need not go to a zoo or buy an encyclopedia to know about a particular animal found in a remote part of the world as there are resources on the internet that provide all the information about animals around the world. This website is an attempt to present all the facts and information about the animal kingdom and its members in an interesting and fun filled manner through photos, Videos, and text.

No need to sieve through all Google results
If you Google about any animal you may have seen in a zoo or learnt about it in a text book, you come across results that contain information and facts about these animals. The first result is of course Wikipedia that is believed by many to be the number one resource of everything under the sky. However, it is not a website devoted and dedicated to the world of animals, and this is what makes this website different and much more detailed.

There is a world of animals underwater also
Animals are found everywhere in the world and they are also found underwater. In fact, there are more species of animals living in water than over the surface of the earth. Of course you do not encounter the wonderful fish, crabs and other creatures in your daily life but you are nevertheless mesmerized by their activities as shown in a National Geography Channel special. If you want to learn more about a particular fish, you can do it easily by logging on to this website and searching in the appropriate category. If you were fascinated by that small monkey shown in a program on Discovery channel and want to learn more about its social behavior, you now have an easy way to get all the detailed information that is also authentic with the help of this website.

There is a great variety among animals
Among animals there are the mammals that give birth to baby animals and also feed little ones through mammary glands. However, mammals form only a small category of animals as there are many more categories such as reptiles, fish, insects, birds, invertebrates, amphibians etc. if you know which category an animal belongs to, you can easily make a search on this website by looking inside that category. However, there is another way of searching and that is by searching in an alphabetical order.
There is a great diversity found in animals and animals belonging to a species do not look the same when you compare them in different parts of the world. For example, you will be surprised to see the different sizes and features of dog varieties found all over the world. If you are interested in knowing more about your favorite breed of dogs, you can conduct a search on this website by choosing the category and then searching through subcategories till you finally get down to the breeds of dogs.
If you are fond of animals and looking for a good resource that gives you authentic information and interesting facts about various animals, this website presents you with a good option.

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